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Merfs Condiments’ Owner Shares How Half A Bushel Of Peaches Inspired A New Wave Of Hot Sauces

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If you find a job you love, you’ll never work a day in your life.

We’ve all heard that saying, and it’s much easier to say than to make an everyday reality. I feel like most people equate it to streaming video games for a living.

Finding a job you love isn’t just for YouTubers or professional athletes. Any passion you have can become a career!

If you love performing, then start acting. If you really enjoy video games, start creating some of your own.

Even passions that don’t have that mainstream popularity, like making your own condiments, have the promise to grow into something amazing.

Meet Kelly Schexnaildre, CEO & President of Merfs Condiments, a spicy condiment company that specializes in hot sauce and wing sauce. Starting with just a half bushel of peaches, Kelly took her passion for making condiments to the next level. Almost 8 years later, Merfs is changing the hot sauce game by offering unique flavor combinations in a variety of heat levels.


Speaking with Arthur Kade on the Endless Hustle podcast, Kelly shares more about the origins of Merfs Condiments, as well as some heartwarming stories about her own growth along the journey.

From half a bushel of peaches to a diversified portfolio of high-quality, shelf-stable spicy foods available across the United States and Canada, it’s been quite the ride for Kelly with Merfs Condiments. If she had not taken a leap of faith and instead opted for traditional peach preserves or peach pie, who knows what would’ve happened. As fortune would have it, we’ve been blessed with a new, fruity wave of hot sauces.

Merfs Condiments would not be where it is today without Kelly’s own personal growth. Now 8 years sober AND a certified primal health coach, Kelly is an awe-inspiring model of a healthy lifestyle. That same quality and emphasis on health carry over to Merfs Condiments. Merfs’ sauces are vegan, gluten-free, preservative-free, and sugar-free. Using the very best all-natural and fresh ingredients, they are bringing new, bold flavors to mealtime.


What is Merfs Condiments?

Merfs Condiments is a Colorado food company that makes hot sauce and wing sauce with all-natural and fresh ingredients in unique, flavorful combinations. In January of 2014, Merfs Condiments was born, and in the eight years since, Merfs has not stopped experimenting and delivering bold, new flavors.

Merfs flavors

For those who swear by green hot sauce, Merfs’ Electric Lime hot sauce is a must-try with its roasted jalapeños and fresh lime juice. And even if you’re not a fan of green sauce, this one will blow your mind. Merfs’ Electric Lime hot sauce delivers a different, savory flavor that works well with anything.

Merfs has also created a line of sriracha sauces: each of the three uses fruit instead of sugar for sweetener. There are three options to choose from: pineapple, cherry peach, and mixed berry. They’re a little bit sweet and a little bit savory, and there’s a flavor for everyone.

You can’t have a conversation about hot sauces without talking about chipotle. Merfs has an interesting take on the sauce we know well. Dancing Queen is made with the fruity red guajillo chili and the smokey chipotle meco. It’s bright and peppery with a hint of smoke. There’s also Chipotle Joe, a coffee cherry chipotle hot sauce that’s intensely smoky with roasted coffee and a little cherry sweetness.


There you have it. Kelly is living proof that you can take a passion, no matter how obscure, and make a career out of it. So now that we’ve blown your mind with that revelation, it’s time to blow away your taste buds with an explosion of new, fruity flavors from Merfs Condiments. Live Spicy!

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