Microsoft Finally Unveils Next-Gen Gaming Console Xbox Series X – Expected Specs, Hardware And Release Date

Microsoft unveils the Xbox X Series, the next generation gaming console, here is everything you need to know about the future of video games.


We’ve known that Microsoft has been working on a new console for about a year now, but previously it was only known as Project Scarlett. Microsoft finally unveiled their next-generation gaming console at The Game Awards 2019 and proclaims the new Xbox will be the fastest and most powerful ever. The upcoming next-gen gaming console is named the Xbox Series X.

The first thing you notice about the Xbox Series X is the design, which many ridiculed online. The upright PC-like tower design is said to make the unit quieter, but you can also place it horizontally.

The next thing that gamers noticed was the console’s confusing name: Xbox Series X.

But jokes aside, the Xbox Series X is going to change console gaming because its hardware is so impressive. The Xbox Series X will be four times as powerful as Xbox One X. While Microsoft did not release the official hardware for the Xbox Series X, there is speculation that the console will be powered by AMD’s Zen 2 CPU tech. The graphics will be Radeon RDNA platform.

Microsoft’s Phil Spencer said the Xbox Series X will have twice the GPU power of an Xbox One X, which may equate to 12 teraflops. The next-gen console will boast an NVMe SSD and lightning-quick GDDR6 memory as RAM. Load times and responsiveness will be drastically faster. You’ll also be able to pause and resume multiple games at the same time.

The official specs were not released, but early reports suggest that the console will come equipped to handle 4K as well as 60 FPS and could support buttery-smooth 8K and 120Hz frames per second gameplay in the future. The console has support for real-time ray-tracing for high-end performance.

The new console comes with an updated version of the Xbox One’s controller with a more ergonomic design, concave circular D-pad, and “Share” button (like the PS4 controller has) to quickly and easily send your badass gaming moments to friends and rivals. Xbox Series X will be compatible with existing Xbox One controllers and accessories.

“There were certain things that we’ve learned through doing the Elite controller and just listening to fans,” Spencer said. “One of them is on the D-pad we have a new hybrid D-pad that we’ve been working on that we think is important, so you’ll get a sense of that in the new Xbox wireless controller.”

“We do have a share button,” Spencer added. “We’ve heard the feedback. We’re not the first ones to do a share button, so we’re not going to say that we invented that, but we’ve heard feedback that sharing is such a part of a gaming experience now for many of our players that I wanted a dedicated hardware button to share, so you’ll see that. We’ll still have all the rumble triggers and haptic feedback that you’ve had in the console before.”

The first titles that will be available on the Xbox Series X will be Halo Infinite and Senua’s Saga: Hellblade II from developer Ninja Theory, which looks absolutely stunning in the trailer.

Other games that will be one of the first titles on the new Xbox will be Everwild, a new Forza and FIFA. There are no release dates for any of the games as of yet. The Xbox Series X will be backwards compatible with previous games.

Microsoft did not set a definite release date for the Xbox Series X, but they did say it would be out in time for the 2020 holiday season. So you should clear your calendar from next November until at least February 2021 to experience the new console. The price for the new Series X was not released.

Expect Microsoft to be the biggest showcase at the E3 Expo 2020, when it comes to Los Angeles from June 9, 2020, until June 11, 2020. “It will be a big beat for us, and we expect that to be really important,” Spencer said of E3 2020.

With the Xbox Series X set to debut next holiday season and the PlayStation 5 being released in the next year, this sets the stage for yet another epic video game console war.


The next thing that gamers noticed was the console’s confusing name: Xbox Series X.