Here’s How To Get That Perfect Barbershop Shave Every Time For Smoother, Healthier Skin

As a guy, it’s important to avoid looking like a caveman who is trying to hibernate in a cave. That’s why it’s necessary for men to clean their faces up every so often by giving themselves a nice, clean shave that shows off their true handsomeness. Sure, the five o’clock shadow thing is cool and all, but there comes a point when you’ve got to grow up and ditch the whole frat boy look.

When it comes to shaving your face, there’s no need to go with the crazy amount of blades that often cause irritation and razor burn. In fact, keeping it simple is just fine, which is why OneBlade razors are the perfect things to have in your bathroom.


Think of OneBlade this way — simplistic.

Just as your grandpa and dad got back in the day at their local barbershop when some guy gave them a straight edge blade to keep them looking fresh and clean, so, too, will OneBlade razors. Seriously, these things are designed by a team of dedicated engineers and shaving enthusiasts to ensure that guys get the closest shave possible without all the irritation, meaning less nicks, less cuts and less of those damn ingrown hairs.

So how does OneBlade razors make you get that perfect shave each time? Here’s their little secret.

  • Load Your Blade With An Audible Click. Holding the blade by the dull end, run it under some water and then insert it sharp end first into the back of the razor head. No need to press hard — if it feels like you’re having to force the blade in, simply back it out and then try again.
  • Open Your Pores By Wetting Your Whiskers. Before you begin any lather building or actual shaving, you absolutely need to thoroughly wash your skin with warm water and a good facial cleanser that’s designed specifically for the face.
  • Know How Your Facial Hair Grows. Take a minute or two to run your fingers along your cheeks, chin, and neck, confirming your own hair growth patterns. Pay particular attention to the “With the Grain” direction (the direction that feels the smoothest) as we will be starting here. And note that direction may change around different areas of your face and neck.
  • Get Your Brush Lathered Up. Apply the brush with the cream to your skin using strong back and forth (“paint brush”) strokes as well as circular motions. Keep repeating these paint brush and circular strokes for 45-60 seconds until the lather has a very rich, thick, foamy appearance.
  • Shave With A Few Short Strokes Without Lots Of Pressure. A general rule of thumb with any proper shaving routine is to use three passes, while re-lathering between each pass. Two passes with the grain and one final pass across the grain.
  • Finish The Job By Moisturizing Afterwards. Immediately after your shave, you’ll want to rinse your face with cold water which will help close your pores. Then apply a quality aftershave product that’s alcohol-free (or at least doesn’t have alcohol as a primary ingredient).

There’s an art to shaving, and OneBlade makes sure you know what you’re doing for the best shave possible.


With OneBlade offering three razors designed for world-class shaves — OneBlade GENESIS, OneBlade HYBRID and OneBlade CORE — there are different variations of their razors to match your preference and price point. Plus, OneBlade has full shaving kits to get you all the gear, creams and moisturizers to keep your skin healthy.

Give your face and skin the attention it deserves with a proper shave from OneBlade. Trust us, you’ll never go back to another razor again.



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