How Badass Is The First Ever Pick-Up Truck Made By Mercedes

The pick-up truck market is highly lucrative and profitable, and Mercedes-Benz finally dive right in with their stylish, sleek X-Class.

There are two different versions of the truck, one focused on off-road use and for driving around town being a fancy fuck who can afford a Mercedes pick-up truck. The midsize truck comes with permanent all-wheel drive and will offer a wide range of high-torque V6 engines. Thus far, Mercedes has only revealed that the top-level one will be a diesel V6. That engine will be able to haul an impressive 2200 lbs. and tow up to 7000 lbs.

But Americans won’t be getting the X-Class just yet. Currently, the premium pick-up truck will be available in Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Germany, Great Britain, and South Africa in late 2017.

Mercedes might never make their pick-up truck available in the U.S. because Americans love their trucks to be made in Murcia.

“With the Mercedes-Benz pickup we will close one of the last gaps in our portfolio,” said Daimler CEO Dieter Zetsche in a press statement. “The X-Class will set new standards in a growing segment.”

What says you, if you had upwards of $60,000 are you getting a Mercedes pick-up truck?