Must-Haves For Better Intimacy This Valentine’s Day

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Valentines Day might still be two weeks away, but, unlike past years, it’s probably best to get ahead on planning so not to miss out on it. Now, truth be told, this year might look a little bit different because of the ongoing pandemic. That means less time going out to fancy restaurants and more time inside with your partner.

Well, since you and your significant other will be hanging around the house and swapping “I love you’s,” you best come prepared with the goods. Nope, I’m not talking about roses and chocolates, gents, but rather some sexual wellness products from Promescent, which has tons of fun things to bring some added fun to the bedroom.

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Promescent wellness products are a great way to surprise your S.O. this Valentines Day, while also bringing some added confidence for yourself while in the bedroom. Whether it’s their delay spray to help decrease sensitivity so you can last longer, or their organic aloe lube to make sure things stay wet down there, Promescent has everything you need this year.

With a handful of different products — from supplements to sprays to lubes and condoms — Promescent is the premier destination when it comes to upgrading your overall bedroom performance. So make sure to do Valentines Day a little sexier this year by snagging a few of the products below. Trust us, you and your partner will be more than happy.

For a Limited Time, Get 15% OFF Your First Order!


Delay Spray So You Can Last Longer

C’mon now, what guy isn’t looking to last longer in bed? Promescent Delay Spray, which is recommended by over 2,000 healthcare professionals, is the help every dude needs. Thanks to Targetzone™ technology — which provides targeted desensitization to only the most sensitive areas of your manhood — you can bring a more pleasurable experience between the sheets for her. Better yet, it:

  • Won’t transfer to your partner when used as directed
  • Increases her chances of reaching climax by 50%
  • Works in less than 10 minutes
  • Let’s you give 164% effort in bed

Go wild and enjoy all the sensations of sex without holding back or worrying about finishing too soon. It’s shipped discreetly to your door, as is all Promescent products, and comes with a 60-day money back guarantee.


Arousal Gel That Increases Her Pleasure

It’s not all about you, man! This Valentine’s Day, make sure to give your partner a little added sensation with this female arousal gel, which delivers intense buzzing and tingling sensations to amplify their most intimate moments. Designed to target the most sensitive areas and deliver delightful effects within five minutes of application, the gel helps create a super smooth feeling when applied — meaning she’ll leave with a big smile on her face.

  • 67% of women have faked an orgasm: not anymore!
  • 73% of women need clitoral stimulation to reach climax
  • Starts to warm and tingle just after 5-minutes of application

They say the smallest things make the biggest impact. This is indeed one of the must-haves for Valentine’s Day with your partner.


Lubricant For More Comfort and Glide

If you have never used lube during sex, we welcome you to heaven. She’ll thank you, you’ll thank yourself, and intimacy will never be the same again without it. It’s one of the simplest things you can do to improve pleasure between the two of you, and if you’re not getting any, jacking it with lube is one heck of a game-changer. Promescent premium lubes come in:

  • Water-based. The go-to for most couples
  • Organic-based. Made with aloe, hemp, green tea, and oat extracts
  • Silicone-based. This one is water-resistant, perfect for intimacy in the shower or jacuzzi


Before & After Wipes to Stay Fresh

Have you ever wondered what your junk smelled like after a long day? Well… don’t. This one is more of a token of appreciation for your partner so that they don’t have to go down on you smelling like stinky cheese. The cleansing wipes come individually packaged so that you can carry a couple in your wallet from here on out. They’re also:

  • pH balanced: something she will enjoy more than you
  • Contain aloe vera for a smooth moisturized feel
  • Flushable and safe for septic systems

Pick up some Promescent Before and After Wipes so that you can freshen up before, and clean up after.


VitaFLUX For Your Libido, Rigidity, and More

Using a bedroom enhancing supplement that actually works is a game-changer for most. VitaFLUX by Promescent is a clinically proven, powerful nitric oxide supplement that contains all the good ingredients others may promise, but usually underdeliver on. This supplement contains about 2-3x the amount of key amino acids you would find in other brands. It’s meant to be taken daily with improved benefits over time that can help to:

  • Improve erection strength
  • Boost libido and desire
  • Maintain healthy testosterone levels
  • Improve blood flow and cardiovascular health
  • Make recovery from illness or exercise shorter

Most of us take supplements for different parts of our body already, so why aren’t we using something that’s making us perform better in the bedroom? Instead of answering that, why don’t you just check out the VitaFLUX capsules from Promescent.


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