No One’s Body Is The Same – How Rootine Personalizes Your Micronutrients To Optimize Your Health

Rootine vitamins are personalized by using advanced technology and your own body's information to track and optimize your health



  • Rootine micronutrients are made from advanced technology and personalized data to track and optimize your health
  • Using information like individual DNA, blood status, and lifestyle, the brand provides unique microbeads designed to deliver maximum performance for your body
  • Learn more about Rootine here

It’s a disheartening feeling shopping for vitamins at the grocery store, isn’t it? Like, look up and down the shelves and you find the same generic brands over and over, with companies just assuming that everyone’s body works the same way. Well, as we all know, that’s not the case.

Since we all have different DNA and genes and all that, why can’t there just be a multivitamin that’s made for each individual? Now there is – because Rootine makes sure your body gets what it really needs in order to stay in peak condition.

Rootine creates an individualized approach by using best-in-class AI to create a custom micronutrient formula full of vitamins, minerals, and specialty compounds based on your lifestyle, blood nutrients, and DNA.

This helps you feel and perform at your best every day. And for just $69/month for the minimum three-month subscription, this is the most unique (and most efficient) way to keep yourself feeling as healthy as possible.


How Do Rootine Micronutrients Work?

Rootine understands the importance of personalization — because why can’t multivitamins have the same custom makeup as other things like art and sneakers? And by upping your nutrient game, you’ll have improved energy, a more balanced mood, better stress management, and sharpened focus.

Yeah, that’s how much micronutrients are engineered for only you can impact your life.

How To Get Rootine Micronutrients

In order to get started, all you’ve got to do is complete an 18-question lifestyle quiz (which takes about 5 minutes), answering questions relating to your diet, height and weight and social activities like smoking or drinking.

Once Rootine knows a little more about you, the next step is sending in a DNA test. This might sound like a pain, but it’s super simple, with the brand sending you a kit in order to collect a saliva sample. If you’ve already taken a DNA test from a prior service, you can simply use that info, too, just to save some time.

Mail back the results and within about six weeks, you’ll have your first pack of personalized micronutrients in hand. The whole process is really seamless.

How Are Rootine Micronutrients Different?

It’s not an understatement to say that Rootine‘s disrupting the multivitamin industry. By using microbeads instead of bulky pills or vitamins, you get your daily allowance of vitamins like C, D3, E , B2 and B6, which are each personalized based off of your specific DNA and lifestyle. You also get a bunch of fiber, calcium, magnesium, and a bunch of other healthy stuff, so you’ll no longer be forced to decide between all of those generic over-the-counter options.

Microbeads ensure optimal nutrient absorption with their slow-release matrix and also allow for complete personalization. Rootine’s microbreads provide more than 700,000,000,000,000 possible nutrient combinations, so that you get the exact nutrients at the precise doses to best support your cellular health. Plus, they’re easy to take. Just swallow them with water or sprinkle them on top of a pre-blended shake and you’re good to go. No more bulky horse pills.


It’s time to take better control of your health thanks to Rootine. It’s time to ditch all the containers of multivitamins in your cabinet. It’s time to finally personalize your micronutrient routine in order to optimize your health.

It’s hard to argue with best-in-class AI that utilizes your individual DNA, blood status, and lifestyle to determine what’s best for only you. With Rootine, you’ll enhance your health with a personalized micronutrient pack at just $69/month or just $2 a day.

That’s a life-changing decision.


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