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Look Good, Play Good With Short Par 4’s Style Caddie And Glove Club Membership

Short Par 4 is a monthly golf subscription that acts as your personal style caddie for the course. They work with brands like Oakley, adidas, Callaway, Puma, Under Armour, and more to deliver top-tier golf apparel reflective of your liking.

How Short Par 4’s Monthly Style Package Works

Short Par 4 has direct lines to the best golf brands on the market. It’s because of these relationships they’re able to secure golf gear and apparel for a discount that’s then passed on to the Short Par 4 subscriber.

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There are two types of Short Par 4 memberships for men: the Fairway and the Executive.

The Fairway is the original membership and contains the best golf apparel brands at the lowest price. You can expect to get full outfits, in-package offerings, and more each month.

With the Executive Membership, you’ll get the same structure of package as the Fairway, except you’ll receive gear from more premium and luxury golf brands. This is the VIP, and you can expect to find brands like Ralph Lauren, Greyson, Travis Matthew, RLX, Sunice, and more.

The Short Par 4 Glove Club

Golf gloves are notorious for getting rotten and crusted pretty fast. If you go and play 18 holes a couple of times a month, it’s likely you’re golf glove will see some significant wear and tear.

Why? Well, even the best golf gloves wear down over time. They’re not made to be indestructible like a pair of ranching gloves. They’re made to provide solid grip while staying breathable and lightweight.

Similar to how Short Par 4’s style memberships work, you’ll receive a monthly package with the selected amount of recurring quantity you want to come in. You’ll also punch in your sizing information like your glove hand and glove size. Payments are charged on the 15th of each month, and each shipment will go out on the 20th.

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Short Par 4 is always keeping the lifestyle of the golfer in mind. That’s why they are starting The Glove Club, a monthly membership of golf gloves delivered to your door each month.

How The Glove Club Works

It’s important to remember a good golf glove offers a better grip on the club, as well as a level of protection from the continuing motion of the club rubbing into the same part of your hand. They should feel lofty and soft.

Short Par 4’s golf gloves are made with 100% Cabretta leather. They’ve got a performance level quality, with excellent response and grip.

Fresh, Fly Apparel and Gloves That Feel Like Butter

With Short Par 4’s memberships, you can secure a personalized style package every month along with your own steady flow of golf gloves.

There’s nothing better than throwing on a crisp performance polo. There’s nothing better than sliding your hand into a blissfully smooth golf glove that’s going to make your drives that much better.

There’s a saying we think Short Par 4 represents perfectly, “Look good, feel good, play good.”

Take your golf style to the next level and start taking swings like a king.

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