Apple Co-Founder Steve Wozniak Bashes The iPhone X, Explains Why He’s Not Buying It Now

Steve Wozniak


Steve Wozniak was a co-founder of Apple back in the 1970’s when he and Steve Jobs built the first Apple computer prototype out of Jobs’ garage. He’s been an integral figure in Silicon Valley for decades, and he’s credited with being the sole inventor on 4 of Apple’s most prominent patents.

Throughout his career, Wozniak has made a literal fortune off of Apple’s success so you’d think he’d choose his words more carefully when discussing why he won’t be upgrading the to iPhone X immediately. Instead of saying, “I’m a creature of habit and I love my current iPhone” the Woz likened the iPhone X as being the same phone to its predecessors in a segment with CNBC:

Steve Wozniak, aka The Woz, left Apple in the 80’s after experiencing a life-altering plane crash which caused him to suffer from retrograde amnesia. That’s not at all integral to this story, I just find it interesting that one of the men who changed Silicon Valley as we know it was able to walk away from his (then current) career after a plane crash.

“I don’t think any of my upgrades over time have been that big a jump”…He’s right. Since the first iPhone hit the market there really hasn’t been leaps and bounds forward. Apple could drop a game-changing smartphone if they really wanted to but it appears as if they sit on existing technology so that they can methodically release that tech in upcoming models of the phone. This forces customers into minor upgrades each year that the customers are willing to spend $$$$ on. Unless you’re willing to wait for 3-5 editions of the phone before upgrading you are not going to see a massive change in your life, and Steve Wozniak just acknowledged that.

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