This Hi-Tech Tool Is a Must-Have for Cleaning Your Ears, and It’s Under $30

This Hi-Tech Tool Is a Must-Have for Cleaning Your Ears, and It's Under $30

Self care has never been more in vogue than now, and part of self care is regular hygienic practices. That includes cleaning your ears. Over time, ear wax accumulates in the ear canal. This can lead to unsightly build ups that are as unpleasant for you as they are for those around you who have to see it. More than just a nuisance, buildups of ear wax can potentially lead to ear infections if allowed to grow for long enough.

However, cleaning your ears isn’t as simple as blindly digging around in your ear canal. Actually, the conventional cotton swab used for ear cleaning can often do more harm than good. Instead of removing ear wax and cleaning the canal, cotton swabs can push the wax further into the canal, compacting it and creating an obstruction. Yuck!

Thankfully, there’s a more elegant, 21st-century solution to cleaning your ears: the Smart Visual Ear Cleaner. This gadget allows users to precisely attack those unsightly globs of ear wax and root them out without the danger of damaging their eardrums. Best of all, the smart ear cleaner is currently on sale for only $29.95, on sale from $34; that’s a 14 percent discount!

The Smart Visual Ear Cleaner features a 360-degree wide-angle camera that streams footage straight to your smartphone in 1080p, so you can get a perfectly clear image during your grooming routine. Its silicone earbud spoons ensure a safe and pleasant experience that won’t scratch you while you’re excavating wax. Finally, this tool has a 360mAh battery that offers enough juice to run for 90 consecutive minutes. That’s approximately 45 days of use off of a single charge.

Take your self-care game to the next level with a sophisticated, elegant upgrade to traditional cotton swabs with this Smart Visual Ear Cleaner, now on sale for just $29.95. Or, you can take home the smart ear cleaner with a sleek storage box for just $5 more.

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