Nothing, And I Mean NOTHING, Is More Badass Than This Transparent Potato Gun Filmed Being Fired At 20,000 FPS

For most of my semi-adult life I’ve had a deep love affair with potato guns. Around the time in high school when me and my friends all got cars we started going to Home Depot to enlist the help of workers who were tired of assisting elderly ladies pick out new garden hoses, and over the years these Home Depot employees worked with us to truly perfect the building of a potato gun. From parts to ballistics, from ignition to the optimal flammable liquid, these bored ass Home Depot workers helped me and my bros build some of the most badass potato guns ever seen in the state of Florida.

That said, nothing we ever built deserves to be in the same discussion as this badass transparent potato gun. And we most certainly didn’t have a camera on hand to film at 20,000 frames-per-second. Shit, we didn’t even have smartphones back in high school, most were lucky to have Snake on their Nokia cell. I can’t even begin to imagine how much fun it must’ve been to build this and then go back and watch the incredible footage, I’m extremely envious of the SmarterEveryDay YouTube crew for getting to tinker around like this on a daily basis.

Let’s watch that action once more in GIF before we head out of here, shall we?



(h/t SmarterEveryDay)

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