Go Old School With A USB Keyboard That Looks And Sounds Like An Old Fashioned Typewriter

retro keyboard Azio

I’ve been toying with the idea of buying an old fashioned typewriter for the last few reasons. I like the sound an old timey typing machine makes, it looks cool sitting on top of a desk, and it’s impossible to get distracted from the task of writing. Typewriters don’t come with the option of randomly checking Facebook or browsing porn when there’s writing to be done.

Instead of going all out and buying a typewriter, maybe the smart move is a keyboard that looks like a typing tool from the 1920s. Introducing the Azio MK Retro, a typewriter inspired mechanical keyboard. A nostalgic classic reborn with modern innovations, the MK Retro keyboard from Azio boasts handcrafted round key caps, curvilinear chrome trim, high contrast glossy surface and tubular LED lights, each carefully curated to capture our modern iteration of vintage.

Azio Retro Keyboard 2

This retro keyboard provides easy access to shortcut hotkeys to boost productivity and allows for lightning fast typing without missing a keystroke.

Get the look of old with cutting edge tech all for under $100.


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