Turns Out Amanda Bynes Actually Got Her Shit Together


There was a time, way back in the summer of 2013, where things were looking rather grim for Amanda Bynes. Just look at our own headlines in the archive of Bynes’ downward spiral of craziness last year, perhaps climaxing in her arrest when she threw a glass bong out of a high rise window in New York City.

Shit happens, people fall upon weird times. The social media bleacher creatures (and, dare I say it? occasionally sites like BroBible) make it even worse, where cracking mean-spirited jokes about someone’s hardships earns more likes, laughs, and retweets than a genuine, encouraging “hey, you should get help.”

Fortunately for Amanda Bynes, she did get help. And how can you not root for a great comeback story? F. Scott Fitzgerald once said “there are no second acts in American lives,” but he was a degenerate drunk in a toxic relationship who never sought the help he needed. The poor guy died at 44 because of those demons. To the ignorant hardasses of the world who boast about their self-control, the idea of rehab sounds like a cop-out for celebrities with a record of bad behavior. But it could have given him a couple more years on his life had he taken those demons seriously.

Anyway, everything’s coming up Bynes-y these days. As you may recall, she did six months in rehab before enrolling in the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in Orange County, where she just finished her first semester. As of today, her charges were dropped. She also just got her driver’s license back. Via E!:


After complying with a judge’s orders to stay out of trouble and attend six months of counseling, the 28-year-old actress is no longer in hot water for allegedly throwing a bong out of her NYC high-rise apartment in May 2013.

Bynes and her attorney Gerald Shargel accepted an adjournment in contemplation of dismissal back in January. “She’s making progress and we’re very pleased,” Shargel said at the time. And after half a year of counseling, Bynes has successfully obeyed the judge’s orders and the charges have been dropped.

In addition to the dropped bong-tossing charges, Bynes also recently got her driver’s license back after it was suspended in August 2012 after she failed to show up for a number of court dates pertaining to unpaid tickets. Prior to the suspension, the Hairspray star was arrested for suspicion of DUI.

Most recently, she blasted out this pic:


Everyone loves a good life-comeback story, proving that F. Scott Fitzgerald may have been good with words, but was full of shit. We’re rooting for you, Bynes.

To bigger and better things.