Audrina Patridge Has Definitely Still Got It, Shows Off A Stellar Bikini Body On The Beach In Miami

You guys remember Audrina Patridge, right? From that show The Hills that aired from 2006 to 2010? Sure you do. Audrina Patridge was the bomb-dizzle back then. So sexy.

Well, now she’s 31-years-old, married and just popped out a kid back in June of this year.

Not that you’d know it by these seriously sexy new bikini pics of her on the beach in Miami, showing off her new line of swimwear, several of which are focused on her posterior.

Just for research purposes, here’s a quick “before” bikini photo…

Yep, hasn’t lost a step.

Oh yeah, do you also remember that she has a sexy sister too? Because I do.

Solid family right there.