Surprise, Surprise, Grizzlies Star Chandler Parsons Linked To Yet Another Beautiful Woman

by 8 months ago
Chandler Parsons Jordan Yorn

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Memphis Grizzlies forward Chandler Parsons, AKA the most annoying airplane passenger ever, just can’t stop himself. Nor should he. Bro is 28, rich, famous, a professional athlete, apparently attractive to females. So why not?

If you were him, the owner of all those qualities (and a $11 million bachelor pad in Bel-Air) what would you do? Oh sure, maybe you’d keep things a little more on the down-low than Parsons does. But hey, he’s single so what harm is there really in his approach?

Dude is the furthest thing from subtle when it comes to letting women know he’s interested, which, if I had to guess, only serves to fuel the fire of all the females who make it known they’re big fans of his.

I mean, take a look, bro isn’t hiding his thirst and it obviously hasn’t hurt him when it comes to getting dates. (Is that the secret to it? Just put it all out there for the world to see?)

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