The Father Of Chandler Parson’s New ‘Girlfriend’ Savannah Chrisley Calls The NBA Star A ‘Ho Hound’


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First of all, Chandler Parsons doesn’t have a ‘girlfriend.’ Having a ‘girlfriend’ typically means you can’t bang anything with long hair and who smells like a Sephora. And lets just say Chandler is no Tim Tebow:



Ya. Hailey Baldwin, Kendall Jenner, Tori Garnn (Leo’s ex), Kate Beckinsale, your mother, and mine.

The 28-year-old Parsons is reportedly ‘seeing’ Savannah Chrisley, a 19-year-old reality star. Savannah’s dad, Todd, rightfully expressed his trepidation for his daughter’s new beau in an interview with Access Hollywood.

‘He’s got a great personality, but he’s an NBA player, so that being said.’

‘I think with NBA, you know, they’re ho hounds. My daughter’s not going to be on that list.’

‘They have two phones. You know, side chick, main chick. Let’s call it what it is and she needs to know.’

That’s when Savannah chimed in with her necessary perspective.

‘As long as I’m the main, I’m good.’

To which Todd replied: ‘Well that’s what you’ll never know. That’s the problem: the main always thinks they’re the main.’

Savannah is less than a month out from breaking up with her ex boyfriend and is doing a solid job of milking her and Parsons’ relationship for all its worth before he moves on to Nina Agdal.

Good luck in your futile effort, Savannah.


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