Emmanuelle Chriqui (AKA Sloan From ‘Entourage’) Is Definitely NOT Wearing A Bra In This HOT New Photo

Emmanuelle Chriqui, after not posting much fun stuff to her Instagram account, must now be in full “remember me, I’m Sloan” mode as she and the crew gears up for the Entourage movie’s release date of June 3.

Because pretty much ever since we learned that the movie was coming out this year she’s been sharing one hot picture after another.

This new photo of Emmanuelle Chriqui sans bra is apparently part of a set of some kind because the same photographer that took one of the previous sexy pics we shared also took this one. Wish they’d just release the whole damn batch and quit teasing us, but hey, it’s Sloan looking H…O…T hot so I guess it’s still worth it.

Here’s that previous photo I mentioned…

And here’s Chriqui with Malin Akerman, Malin’s smoking hot sister Jennifer, Michelle Monaghan, some other ladies, and luckiest toddler on the face of the earth (one would assume he is Malin’s).