How This Spectacular Fitness Model’s Accidental Chun-Li Cosplay Went Viral

When Alexander Fleming discovered penicillin by accident must have been quite the super awesome moment of ultimate elation for the Scottish biologist. I feel like Natascha Encinosa must have had the same sense of irrepressible jubilation when she realized she accidentally pulled off one of the greatest Chun-Li cosplays of all-time.

Gorgeous Natascha is a fitness model based in Miami, who has a fantastic Instagram.

Don’t believe me? Let me hit you with some photographic evidence.

Back in February, Encinosa uploaded a photo to her Instagram, wishing everyone a Happy Valentine’s Day. She was wearing a dress that exposed her tremendously muscular and sexy legs. People quickly noticed that she looked so much like Chun-Li from Street Fighter.

The lovely Natascha and her thighs went viral and she now has over 233,000 followers on Instagram.

The morale of the story is that some accidents turn out to be amazing (This probably doesn’t apply to your unplanned birth, sorry).