Jessica Nigri, The Hottest Cosplay Model On The Planet, Absolutely Slayed At Comic-Con 2016

best cosplay girls comic con 2016

YouTube - Mediocre Films

One of the best, if not the best, things about Comic-Con rolling around each year is the sheer number of ladies who come out dressed up in various sexy costumes.

The cosplay is not only impressive in the amount of work they put into the outfits, there is also always a lot of costumes that are simply hot as hell.

Take for example, the woman you see above, Jessica Nigri, as Roadhog from Overwatch. Imagine walking around the show this past weekend, seeing that and trying not to stare. It’s almost impossible, as the man in the video below tries and fails, and she doesn’t seem to mind one bit. Go figure.

But like I said, there were MANY women other than Jessica who attended the show and brought out their A game as well. Check some of them out in the videos below then enjoy even more of Jessica Nigri, because I think I may actually love her.