Jessica Simpson Rocking Her Own Line Of Swimsuits Is An A+ Move Because Girl Has Curves For DAYS

Man, I love Jessica Simpson. She and Britney Spears are easily my two favorite half-crazy, do whatever-the-fuck they want pop stars on the planet.

The two of them are so rich, so hot, and so far along in their careers now that they just don’t care what people think anymore at this point.

Simpson, for her part, seems to just be spending most of her time these days hanging out in bikinis and outfits that can barely contain her glorious bosom.

That and being white girl wasted when she appears on TV.

Which is why, (A) I think she’s the best, and (B) why it only makes perfect sense that she decided, fuck it, I’ll just go ahead and model my own line of swimsuits, thankyouverymuch.

So if these sexy new pics don’t help her move product then I just don’t know what will.

And since we all obviously love Jess, and it’s been about three months since we last checked in on her Instagram let’s see what else our girl’s been up to lately…

More like that last one please, mmkay, Jess?

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