You’ll Heart This Bare Breast That Kaley Cuoco Shared On Snapchat

It’s probably super fun to be friends with Kaley Cuoco. She seems to be down to Earth and up for a good time. She’s famous. She’s rich so she can probably afford to pay for all the rounds when you go out for a drink. Oh, and then there’s the whole part where she agrees to take a pic with you on your Snapchat. And she yanks out her titty.

The Big Bang Theory star Kaley Cuoco showed she’s the breast friend with this sexy pic. She posed nude for her friend and stylist Brad Goreski’s Snapchat. Meanwhile, her stylist chose that Snapchat grandpa filter for the risque photo, because nothing makes a naked woman feel more comfortable than a creepy old man.

My friends suck. No titty pics or round of drinks.