Kesha Got Topless On Instagram Because, I Don’t Know, Music Or Her Fans Or Something

by 3 years ago

We are big fans of Kesha here at Especially since she dropped the dollar sign from her name and started being a must-follow on Instagram.

Not only does she share some sexy pics on her account, she also tries to send out positive messages along with a dash of humor now and then.

The last time we saw Kesha here she was joking that her bikini top was too small. (She was 100% correct, by the way.)

Then this past weekend she shared a couple of photos, one before a show and one after, where she wasn’t wearing a top.

Why did she do this? Music? Her fans? For her own amusement? Who knows and really, does it matter?

Whoa, hold on, it’s been 10 months since we posted about Kesha? Well, damn. Let’s see what else she has been up to since then…

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β˜ πŸ‘»I can never fucking sleep….

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Okay, I think we’re all caught up now. See you in another 10 months, Kesha. Be good.