Legal Prostitute Confesses All The Weird And Naughty Stuff That Happens With Her Clients

Sarah Greenmore is a 25-year-old “legal” prostitute who works out of the Moonlite Bunny Ranch in Nevada. Recently, she did an exclusive interview with the Daily Star to answer 10 burning questions they had about her profession. If you haven’t been paying attention up to this point, that profession is BONING DUDES FOR COLD HARD CASH. Legally, of course.

This isn’t the first time the Internet has heard about Greenmore’s sexploits. She did a Reddit AMA back in 2015 where she talked about micropenises, facials (the ones that involve cum not blackhead removal) and how she makes almost $1000 per day from BONING DUDES FOR COLD HARD CASH. Legally, I reiterate.

Below are a few photos and videos from Greenmore’s Instagram page as well as the first four questions from her interview with the Daily Star

1. What’s the craziest thing someone has ever asked you to do?

“I work with interesting kinks and fetishes all the time and I’m open minded to those activities.

“I do get proposed to a few times a year and find that to be a bit more than I can handle. People don’t always realise the line they’re crossing asking that.”

2. What’s your favourite sex act?

“I have an oral fixation. I love to kiss, I love to use my mouth. A little nibble here or there can really turn someone on.

“This could sound strange, but I once had a client passionately kiss my wrists and it was such an amazing sensation.

“I put on some music that suits my clients and find a melody or beat I can match when giving a blowjob. I’ve been regularly told I give the best blowjobs ever– the trick is rhythm, varying pressure and lots of tongue.”

3. What’s one thing you would never do for money?

“I wouldn’t jeopardise my health or the health of my clients by forgoing condoms. It’s actually the law here in Nevada that sex workers within brothels are required to use condoms.

“We also have weekly STD tests in order to be cleared for work. Sex workers are often pinned as dirty or disease spreading – but I’ve never been compelled to go ‘raw’ with any of my clients. I’m often teaching my clients sexual health and safety.”

4. What’s the strangest fetish someone has come to you with?

“I tend not to look at my clients fetishes as ‘strange’ but instead, interesting and it’s a learning experience.

“I’ve been involved in the Fetish and Kink scene for many years and I’m a very open minded person. To those who are less familiar with fetish and kink, it might seem strange.

“I had a “Looner” client – he loved balloons and watching me blow them up, sitting on them, rubbng them on myself. He’d previously had a phobia of balloons being popped but turned it around into a way to control his feelings. It was fun!”

For the rest of Greenmore’s interview, head on over to the Daily Star.