Lil Kim Looks Like Someone Carpet Bombed Her Face, Has Officially Hit Michael Jackson-Level Of Plastic Surgery


The fuck.



Are you wondering where Lil Kim is in that photo? She’s on the left. No, your other left. And before you start arguing with me YES, that is Lil Kim as of 2016 – the 41-year-old rapper, since starting her career in 1997, has apparently taken it upon herself to morph into a mix between an abandoned cat and…well, I really don’t know. I don’t have a joke here, she just looks like dogshit if we’re being honest.

This comes off as very mean and bitchy if you don’t know what Lil Kim looked like before she wrecked her face. For comparison, here is Lil Kim in 1999:

If you make a collage of Kim throughout the years it’s sort of like watching a car crash…except then that car crash explodes, its flames engulfing a passing plane overhead, which then also explodes and sends fiery debris raining down on a small town, which then also catches on fire:

Lil Kim in 2007:

Lil Kim in 2009:


Lil Kim in 2012:


Lil Kim in 2014:


And finally, to everyone’s collective horror, Lil Kim Today:


At this point you’ve got to respect the fact that she’s 100% pledged to screwing up her face. That’s passion. That’s a level of commitment very rarely seen out of anyone who isn’t Chris Christie vowing to finish his 50th plate of food at a buffet. Then again…



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