Michelle Rodriguez Has So Much Armpit Hair She Looks Like She’s Got Lenny Kravitz In A Headlock

michelle rodriguez

Michelle Rodriguez is so very hot. With the exception of Vin Diesel, she was most definitely the hottest in Furious 7. That’s why when I stumbled across the below pictures of her sporting enough armpit hair to make a wig for Locks for Love, I wasn’t turned off. A little startled, yes, but disgusted? No. Why? A.) Because the armpits serve no purpose. No one has ever commented on the sexiness of one’s armpits, so by that same standard, it’s impossible to deem one’s pits unattractive. 2.) Because I have no standards to begin with.

The only thing Rodriguez’ pit hair demonstrates to me is that she lives on the edge and is willing to try new things. Like possibly dating a worthless blogger. Hit me up, Mich. We’ll braid each others pit bush.

Grew my armpit hairs gotta love it… Hmm yum

A photo posted by Michelle Rodriguez (@mrodofficial) on

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