Hot Model Publicly Eviscerates A Creep On Instagram For Sending Her An Unsolicited Pubey Dick Pic



Dicks are weird man. The only thing weirder than a dick is a dick and balls. Balls look like a pubey hacky sack made from my grandmother’s neck gizzard sprayed with Black Panther cologne. The only thing weirder than a dick and balls is sending said dick and balls to a complete stranger via social media. That’s a tough look.

But according London-based model and blogger Stina Sanders, dudes send her their franks and beans about three times a week, hoping to elicit a positive response. Sanders has become so fed up with this unprovoked dick pic sending that she outed a some dude to her 129,000 Instagram followers. The dick that broke the camel’s back I guess.

Note: I put Don King’s hair over the pubes out of respect for the people who haven’t eaten today.


In a blog post titled ‘I don’t want to see your penis!’ Sanders wrote, “No woman deserves to be sent an image that they have not asked for.”

“You wouldn’t get your penis out in public (although if you do please seek help) so why send me a photo?”

As LADbible points out, some trolls believe that Sanders had the dicks coming to her for how she presents herself on social media.

Tomjay1987 wrote: “You deserve every dick image coming your way. If you pose in underwear, what do you expect?”

Emeddis92 also piped up, saying: “You can’t post these inviting photos and then complain when you get these types of photos back. It’s not harassment if you want it!”

In my opinion, the general rule of sending dick pics is this: don’t send them unprovoked and don’t send them if your pubes look like Chewbacca’s during No Shave November. If you’re in a situation that meets those two criteria, never go full throttle hard-on. Leave something to be desired.

If you don’t want to take it from me, take it from model Emily Sears.

Also, never send dick pics to a stranger. It reeks of desperation. Even if that stranger is very, very hot.

[h/t LADbible]

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