Bros, You HAVE To See This 20-Year-Old Model Scott Disick Is Now Dating Who Looks EXACTLY Like Kendall Jenner

We don’t know much about Christine Burke. We know she’s 20, and we know she’s a model…

…that’s it.

Okay, I lied. We also know that she’s currently dating Scott Disick and is almost literally the SPITTING image of Kendall Jenner. It’s almost creepy. For comparison purposes, here’s Kendall:

And now, ladies and gentlemen…Christina Burke:

Is she hot? Yes. Does she look like Kendall Jenner? Yes. Is it at least slightly creepy that Lord Disick is dating someone who looks almost exactly like his sister-in-law? Again, yes.

But who cares? Disick does what Disick wants, as always.