Olivia Munn Wearing A Bathing Suit And Learning How To Play Beer Pong Is Like A Dream I Once Had


Olivia Munn has apparently so busy in her life and is so not the nerd she played on Attack of the Show for years that until just last week she’d never played beer pong.

I guess when you’re busy hanging with Jen and Jason (in a see-through dress with no bra) and wrecking your boyfriend’s relationship with his family (allegedly) you don’t have time for such things.


So now, at age 36, Munn has officially played the game of beer pong. And she did it wearing a red “Ride or Die” bathing suit, the meaning of which in her case, I have no idea.

“Played Beer Pong for the first time last week and … (see next pic)”

“B O S S”

Fascinating stuff there, Olivia.

Not as fascinating as these next few photos, but you’re on the right track at least…






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