PRANKS: Girls In Bikinis Have ‘Lightsaber’ Fights With Dildos While Wearing Star Wars Masks

The fine folks over at TwinzTV are known for their entertaining YouTube pranks such as Pepper Spray On Toilet Paper and How To Win Street Fights In The Hood. Now the pranksters combine some of my favorite things, Star Wars, girls in bikinis and girls with dildos. Sounds like a recipe for success in my book.

The pranksters went to the beach and invited women engage in a friendly lightsaber duel. There is a catch, they must wear Star Wars-themed masks that don’t allow them to see anything, including their opponent. However, it’s actually a trap because the lightsabers that think they’re using are actually dildos.

These girls try to dick-whip their combatant with the dildo. Actually they should do or do not. There is no try.

The wrist-motion was strong with these ladies because they slap each other silly with the rubber dicks.

This is exactly like when Luke Skywalker was blinded while sharpening his skills during lightsaber training with Obi Wan. Except these girls are using dildos, they aren’t Jedis, they don’t have an imaginary metaphysical, spiritual and ubiquitous power to utilize when they don’t have their eyesight to guide them. So I guess it’s really not like that at all. But it’s girls smacking each other with dildos so it holds up on it’s own.