Seth Rogen’s Mom Tweeted About Sex And Yoga And Ruined Her Son’s Day, Twitter Went Nuts

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Nobody wants to hear their parents talk about sex. Sex isn’t a fun conversation when any relative is involved. Unfortunately, old people can’t handle their liquor at parties and often run their mouths. Beyond that, they don’t know how to use social media and hit us with T.M.I. on the regular…Or, in the case of Seth Rogen‘s mom, maybe they’re using social media on a whole different level.

Seth Rogen’s mom sent out a tweet comparing sex to yoga that grossed Seth out and sent Twitter into a frenzy.

Sandy sends out her tweet:

A helpful fan tags Seth to make sure he sees what his mother tweeted about the similarities between getting plowed and sleeping and laying down in yoga:

Seth has a very appropriate response to his mother’s tweet:

They go back in forth, airing it out in public:

Seth’s sister Danya didn’t handle this well at all either:

And then Twitter had a field day reacting to the Rogen matriarch and her two children all talking about sex and yoga on social media:

Seth definitely brought this on himself. He doesn’t hold back in his movies, and he’s created an atmosphere of over-sharing in the family whether he likes it or not…I’d be interested to know how many new followers Seth’s mom picked up yesterday, and how many ‘your mom’ jokes he’s going to get hit with any time he tweets now. (h/t Twitter Moments)

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