Sexy Dutch Model Caught Shoplifting Some Chocolate From Whole Foods


Roosmarijn de Kok is a 19-year-old model who has been featured by Urban Outfitters and Vogue. She’s also, if reports are to be believed, a bit of a kleptomaniac.

De Kok was caught stealing chocolates and fish oil from a Whole Foods in Tribeca, reports Gothamist:

Prosecutors say a store detective at a Whole Foods in Tribeca caught de Kok stuffing three chocolate bars and a bottle of fish oil into her bag that afternoon, then stopped her before she could leave the store. According to a criminal complaint, the detective “recovered the items, property which belonged to the store and for which the defendant had no receipt, from the bag.”

She is claiming it was a total accident, and that she wasn’t even trying to leave the store at the time she was approached. De Kok turned down the chance yesterday to plead guilty to a lesser charge, opting to go to trial to prove her innocence.

While I don’t believe that for a second (when I was 19 I loved stealing shit), I support her simply because I don’t respect Whole Foods. That and ‘Free de Kok’ is a catchy slogan.

[Image via Urban Outfitters]

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