Soccer Hottie Sydney Leroux Was In A Bikini Again? Hell Yeah, We’ll Look At That

sydney leroux bikini pictures

Sydney Leroux, Instagram

Look, I’ll be honest, the only time I watch soccer is when the men’s or women’s US national teams are playing in some major event. And even then it’s more the women’s events than the men’s. I don’t know who any of the players are, but I do know who Sydney Leroux is and there’s pretty much only one reason for that: girl just loves sharing pictures of herself in a bikini.

Not that I don’t get really into those events when they happen, I do, but other than that I bet I barely know more than five famous soccer players.

Now there’s nothing that the men can really do that is going to make me more interested in watching them kick around a ball for an hour and a half, but Sydney here has certainly stumbled on to something when it comes to the ladies. I know it’s shallow and superficial, but hey, when you’re in as good a shape as she is, what’s wrong with showing it off? Lord knows David Beckham sure made bank doing the very same thing on the men’s side over the years.

Anyway, here’s what Sydney just dropped on her Instagram account today…

And since one photo just wouldn’t be enough, here’s a brief history of Sydney’s bikini adventures over the past year…

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