Smoking Hot Aussie Radio Host Sophie Monk Shot Some Sizzling New Pics For ‘Playboy’

sophie monk playboy pics

Sophie Monk, Instagram

Sophie Monk, for those unfamiliar, is a former pop singer slash model slash actress who came over to the States for several years during the last decade to try to make it big here by posing for one steaming hot photo shoot after another. Unfortunately all she succeeded in doing was becoming “Internet famous.” (She was really good at doing that, however, because, you know, smoking hot bikini pics, etc. Always a winner on the Internet.)

After not having much success in America, Monk headed back to Australia, her homeland, and has now landed herself a very good job as the co-host of 2DayFM’s Jules, Merrick and Sophie with Mel B Breakfast radio show. She also recently laid claim to owning the most nipple-tastic suitcase packing video EVER posted to Instagram. A high honor indeed.

And now, with all that recent success in hand, Monk graciously accepted an offer to be photographed for Playboy, about which she said, “Marilyn Monroe did Playboy. It’s an iconic brand, and let’s get real… You only live once and I don’t plan on dieting forever… I miss pizza too much!”

Now that you’re all caught up and basically tl;dr everything I just wrote, here are some of killer hot pics from that Playboy shoot that Monk shared on Instagram over the weekend (aka the real reason you’re here).

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