Hot Stripper In Florida Takes Police On A Wild Chase Then Eats Her Shirt, For Some Reason

stripper florida police eats shirt

Monroe County Sheriff’s Office

A stripper in Florida took police on a crazy chase before being pulled over for DUI over the weekend.

The woman, ZyZe McCausland, was spotted by a police officer when the Mazda she was driving almost hit another vehicle and the officer yelled at her to pull over.

Her response when she realized she has been seen by Johnny Law was to say, “Oh fuck,” and speed off, according to the Key West Police Department arrest report.

The officer then hopped into his police car and gave chase as she blew through stop signs and ended up in a middle school parking lot.

Slight problem though, the lot has only way way to enter and exit and the police station is situated right next door.

According to the Daily News this is what happened next…

Police said she got out of her car, tried in vain to wake up her passed-out passenger and attempted to run away. The officer cuffed her despite her efforts to keep him from placing the handcuffs on her, according to the report.

Another officer called to the scene could see a fresh stamp on her right forearm from Rick’s Bar on Duval St. She told the officer “you’ll be sorry” and demanded they call security staff at the bar “because they would tell me not to arrest her,” the arresting documents said.

“I noticed McCausland had the overpowering odor of an alcoholic beverage emanating from her breath” and her eyes looked “extremely red, glassy and bloodshot,” the second officer wrote in the report. The officer noted she had “extremely rapid but slurred speech” and “when she walked anywhere she needed to be physically guided to prevent her from falling.”

Ah, she tried the old, do you know who I am card, but last I checked that only works if your famous. And then only occasionally.

After refusing to take a breath test she then changed her mind so when the cops told her not to put anything into her mouth prior to taking it she “stuffed a large portion of her shirt into her mouth and began chewing at the fabric.”

McCausland was charged with misdemeanor DUI, resisting an officer charges and a felony count of fleeing and eluding at high speed.

Here’s what she looks like on better days…

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