As If Taylor Swift Couldn’t Get Any More White Girl, Turns Out She Modeled For Abercrombie


Taylor Swift might be America’s most basic female, (well, aside from the part where she is a world famous multi-trillionaire.)

Perusing only her Instagram account, you see a woman utterly obsessed with all things white woman.

There’s cats and lattes and bad dancing and late night friend seshes and mimosas and attempting to rap hip hop lyrics and shopping at Target and inspirational messages and that’s just in the past month.

It’s no wonder all white girls love Taylor Swift, for she is all white girls.

To add to that list, in the 1990s, when Abercrombie was at its pinnacle of cool, Taylor Swift wore Abercrombie. In fact, she modeled for them.

Pop Sugar uncovered the evidence.


[H/T @AmieLesser]