Some Bro Built An Iron Man Gauntlet That Fires ACTUAL ROCKETS Because He’s Better Than You



Not only is this bro as smart as Tony Stark, but he also has the means to build an actual Iron Man gauntlet that shoots real projectiles and rockets. Let me say it again: he’s better than you.

According to io9, Patrick Priebe (aka Youtuber Anselmofanzero), is a mad scientist who’s well known for building all types of crazy ass props and gadgets from movies & video games. Unfortunately for me today is the first time I’ve ever heard of him.

Fortunately for me however, I’ve managed stumble across Patrick at at time when he’s debuting his masterpiece: an Iron Man gauntlet replica that shoots REAL FUCKING MISSILES. I’m not talking about NERF missiles here, I’m talking about actual explosive projectiles. This dude is a badass. Now watch and give praise:

For more of Patrick’s crazy builds (including badass lasers) you can check out his YouTube channel HERE.

But for now, let’s check out that badass Iron Man action once more in animated GIF form:

The Projectile



The Firing



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