Alexandra del Pilar was Manti Te’o’s real, actual girlfriend

Meet Alexandra del Pilar, Manti Te’o’s real, actual, breathing girlfriend. Sort of. The two dated briefly after Teo’s fake girlfriend, Lennay Kekua, passed away. Pilar is a student at nearby St. Mary’s college in South Bend and according to her LinkedIn page, studies public relations and communications.



It’s a good bet she’ll need those skills sometime in the near future

The plot twists in this Manti Te’o story rival anything you’ll see in soap operas. As you peel the onion back, you’re introduced to layers upon layers of lies, deceit and fake deaths. Truly remarkable this tangled web didn’t unravel months ago.

As for the rumors of Te’o being gay, well, they’re on hold now. Unless of course, Ms. Alexandra del Pilar divulges dirty secrets.

(some more pics from her Twitter page)