Baby Elephant Adorably Falls On His Back, Big Mama Saves The Day Like Only A Mama Can



It’s a scientific fact that in every human being’s DNA exists a permutation designed to make us ‘Oooo’ and ‘awww’ at baby elephants.

Like I said before, it’s just science. Don’t fight it when you’re feeling all the feels watching Big Mama rush in (with the world’s most dominating growl) to save her lil baby who’s fallen over on his back.

From PBS:

There is no greater love in elephant society than the maternal kind. Nobody who observes a mother with her calf could doubt this. It is one of the most touching aspects of elephant social customs. The calf is so small compared to the adult that it walks under its mother, who, incredibly, does not step on it or trip over it. Mother and child remain in constant touch. If a calf strays too far from its mother, she will fetch it. The mother often touches her child with trunk and legs, helping it to its feet with one foot and her trunk. She carries it over obstacles and hauls it out of pits or ravines. She pushes it under her to protect it from predators or hot sun. She bathes it, using her trunk to spray water over it and then to scrub it gently. The mother steers her calf by grasping its tail with her trunk, and the calf follows, holding its mother’s tail. When the calf squeals in distress, its mother and others rush to its protection immediately. It is easy to see why the bond between mother and daughter lasts 50 years or more.

And now for the only video you need to watch today:

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