BMW designs a four year-old’s concept car

When we’re little kids, and have no concept of engineering, safety, or physics, we design ridiculous vehicles. Kids believe in more power, and little Eli, a four year-old, is no different: He “designed” the 4219 Eli. It’s named the 4219 because it has 42 wheels, 19 Porsche engines, three steering wheels, and a trunk full of toys.


Oh, and it’s a BMW.

Cute, right? BMW thought the same thing, and actually put together a concept image.

The funniest part about the whole thing was that, first of all, BMW wasn’t involved in this: The 4219 Eli was posted to Jalopnik as basically a reader’s Photoshop challenge to that site’s comment crew (and some of their designs are equally hilarious). Secondly, BMW didn’t tell anybody they were actually doing this: They just had their marketing department bust out the Photoshop and design the 4219 as realistically as possible.

Apparently, BMW was just really touched a four year-old liked their products so much and they wanted to make his day.

Which, you know, is reasonable, but we still kind of want that 8721 horsepower car. Come on, guys. Make it happen.

4219 Eli [BMW’s Facebook Page]