Car crashes are never funny, even if they involve clowns

via North Bergen Record


This isn’t funny.

A clown suffered minor injuries earlier this week after her clown car crashed into a utility pole in New Jersey. The North Jersey Record was first on the scene to get the tough interviews.

Authorities do not know what caused the crash, Westwood police Sgt. Matthew McClutchy said. But Jack “Poppi T Clown” Erbstein of Mahwah, who witnessed the accident, said the driver was reaching for a GPS unit that fell off the windshield when she veered off the road and hit the pole.

The crash occurred after a show at a local elementary school. All of the clowns drove away in their respective cars. Things must be looking up in the clown business. I remember a time when forty clowns all traveled in the same car.

According to people on the scene “Some of her clown colleagues at the scene said they had persuaded her to go to the hospital as a precaution after she initially refused.” And the rest just threw confetti at her and honked her nose and a horn simultaneously.

[via North Bergen Record]

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