‘Causcasians’ t-shirt mocking Indians’ logo is a hot seller

Causcasins T-Shirt

The Washington Redskins and their offensive team name dominated the sports headlines a couple months back.

Redskins is an derogatory term to Native Americans, people want it changed, and Redskins owner Dan Snyder doesn’t give a shit because money.

Because of his bravado, Snyder and his team often dominate the discussion when it comes to racist sports names and logos. The Indians usually slip under the radar. Partly because their name isn’t AS offensive and because they dropped the Chief Wahoo logo a few years back. Still, people still don’t like the use of Native Americans in any team apparel.

Because of these issues, it should come as no shock that a hot selling t-shirt among Native Americans is one that provides commentary on race, sports and stupid traditions. It’s called ‘Causcasians’ and is modeled after the real Indians logo but instead depicts a rich white guy instead of Chief Wahoo.

A hot fashion item this summer on Ontario First Nations’ reserves is a T-shirt with the lettering “Caucasians” and the grinning logo of Chief Wahoo, the much-derided mascot of the Cleveland Indians major league baseball team . . . T-shirt maker Brian Kirby of Shelf Life Clothing in Cleveland said the “Caucasians” shirt has been his most popular seller since he began making them in 2007, but interest “skyrocketed” after the Deejay NDN controversy, especially after the story hit Reddit and Facebook.

“We have had over 3,000 shares on posts about the tee in the last month, and have been working around the clock to keep up,” Kirby said.

I’m white and I’d wear that shirt because it’s hilarious. They just need one for the Redskins now.

[via Hardball Talk]