Chipotle to sell real Patrón margaritas

Chipotle t-shirts have long advertised making the “strongest margarita in a plastic cup.” Those ‘ritas just got a big upgrade with the addition of Patrón tequila and fresh ingredients instead of a mix. Your move, Qdoba.


The new margarita is hand-made for each customer using Patrón Silver tequila, triple sec, a blend of fresh lime and lemon juices, and organic agave nectar. The Patrón margarita will be available in about 900 Chipotle restaurants beginning Monday, April 29.

I prefer my margaritas to be made with just tequila, triple sec and lime juice, but adding agave nectar will keep it sweet enough to appeal to all palates. Picking Patrón was a great call too. I’ve joked at their expense before, but it is damn fine tequila. Chiptole is also offering a margarita using Sauza, but the upgrade to Patrón will be well worth the extra dollar or so. Unfortunately they may have to abandon the claim of “strongest” now that they’re using good tequila. Expected prices are $6.50-$8 depending on location.

I rarely drink when I go to Chipotle, but it’s nice to have the option. The fast-food joint has actually been a drinking stop a on my annual bar crawl before, and this may have secured it a permanent spot in the lineup. Rest assured I’ll be there next Monday…for research.

via Chiptole Investor Relations