What does this cloud look like to you? Keep in mind, there’s only one correct answer

Very few clouds look the same to all people.

A cloud might look like a car to one person but another person views the same cloud and thinks it resembles a boat.

There is no doubt this cloud looks the same to everyone. It looks like a giant dong.

A wildlife photographer took a picture of a completely different type of cock when he spotted a penis shaped cloud above his house. The keen-eyed snapper, known only as Villager Jim, couldn’t resist getting a shot of the pornographic precipitation for poseterity’s sake.
The 48-year-old had been pottering around his home in Foolow Derbshire, when the lewd formation briefly passed by.

What’s pottering? I want to potter around the house? Does that mean “masturbating in different rooms” because I totally potter. Totally potter.

[via Western Daily Press]

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