Coors Light debuts new cold activated skis and snowboard

Coors Light teamed up with K2 to develop the first cold activated skis and snowboards. They’ve also created a new six pack, only this one is full of world class skiers and a snowboarder instead of American lagers.

The K2/Coors Light cold-activated skis and K2/Coors Banquet cold-activated snowboard feature mountain imagery that turns blue at the right temperature, a sign that it’s time to hit the slopes.

“These are two brands that understand the passion people have for the mountain lifestyle, whether you live at 10,000 feet or visit a couple times a year,” said Dan Hennessy, senior director of marketing for the Coors Family of Brands. “K2 helps you get down the slopes in style, and after you’re done on the slopes, there’s nothing like celebrating a great day on the mountain with The World’s Most Refreshing Beer.”

Red Bull has had a stranglehold on quality online sponsored sports content. If you aren’t following their channel, there’s something wrong with you. MillerCoors is looking to move in on their game though with the new Coors Light Six Pack. It consists of five skiers and one snowboarder and appears as though they’ll be travelling the country looking for ridiculous spots to drop in.The series is set to debut this Friday, so you might think about subscribing to their channel.

What’s the real reason you should care about this though? They’re giving things away. You can win prizes like trips to Kamp K2, the aforementioned cold-activated skis and snowboards, and special dual-branded merchandise. Most will be given away through their Facebook page.

via PRLog