Coughing is the worst thing ever. Here’s how to keep it at bay

by 5 years ago

There’s nothing on Earth worse than a brutal cough. It hurts you and it makes everyone around you think you’re disgusting. So how can you avoid it?

Have you ever been on a train or bus with someone who looks totally normal and then, wham, they unleash a body jarring cough on the other unsuspecting passengers? We’ve all been there and there’s nothing worse than being the guy who’s spreading a barrage of germs destined for dozens of innocent victims.

So how do you avoid the “coughequences” of your body’s inferior immune system? Turn to Robitussin®. Robitussin® has been around for over 50 years because it effectively treats cough, cold and flu symptoms.

But how does it work exactly? You can learn more at or check out the images below for the download.

robitussin infographic


robitussin dm


Almost makes sense despite almost failing chemistry in 10th grade, right? You’ve won my heart by making me feel like less of an idiot, Robitussin®.

This post is sponsored by Robitussin®

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