Depend employees put out a rap video to raise ‘Underwareness’ and guess what they’re all wearing

by 5 years ago

Depends Underwareness

For the first thirty second of this video, I thought it was a parody.

It’s real.

The employees at adult diaper manufacturer Depend are on a mission to support the millions who need a different kind of underwear. They’re trying to raise “Underwareness” about the over 65 million adults “who struggle with incontinence and overactive bladders.

All those people got a bonus for doing that video right? I’m talking like stock options and unlimited vacation. Maybe a lifetime supply of diapers in their old age? It would take a ton of money to get me to dance around in diapers. Threatening me with “my job” wouldn’t work.

“Well, then you can just fire me!”

[grabs as many diapers as possible and runs]