Donald Trump Quotes On Pictures Of Zapp Brannigan From ‘Futurama’ Are Mother F’n PERFECT

What follows below is a collection of real Donald Trump quotes superimposed onto pictures of Zapp Brannigan from Futurama. If you’re not familiar with Zapp Brannigan I don’t blame you, because I actually can’t stand Futurama myself, but he is a pretty iconic character and one of the most memorable cartoon characters of the past 15 years. Zapp is voiced by Billy West, and he’s a ’25-Star General in the Democratic Order of Planets’ who both fancies himself a ladies man and an omniscient leader.

Someone over on Imgur took it upon themselves to superimpose these Donald Trump quotes onto pictures of Zapp and frankly, I’m a bit disappointed because I think this would have worked better as a quiz…’Who Said It: Zapp or Donald?’. Nevertheless, these are pretty good and I figured this is a good way to jumpstart your day regardless of your political affiliations because Right or Left, we can all enjoy a good meme:

There are many more of these photos over in the Imgur Gallery and all are equally as good as the ones above, and I invite you to check out and/or share if you’re interested in that.

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