Is This Drunk Russian Dude Liam Neeson’s Twin Brother?



So he doesn’t display any incredible physical prowess, but I’ll be damned if that’s not at least one degree of Kevin Bacon away from Liam Neeson’s family.

Dudes, apologies if I’m completely incoherent today. I just got back from my bachelor party and my brain is swimming in a tiny pool of leftover Fireball and Natty Light. That said, are we really sure that this isn’t Liam Neeson, because it sure as hell looks like him.

Let’s not get stuck on whether or not it’s him though, let’s focus a little on the dude in the car’s reaction. He just gives him some booze, a cig, and the middle finger…wut? How was this not his reaction to meeting Liam Neesons?

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