Ferrari Flexes Its Big Swinging Richard: To Buy The Newest Ferrari You’ll Need A VIP Invitation

by 5 years ago

Ferrari/NBC News

Do you have millions of dollars at your disposal AND want to purchase Ferrari’s latest innovation, The Ferrari Sergio, well I hope you have one of only 6 VIP invitations because without one you’re S.O.L.

In a serious alpha move, Ferrari’s released it’s latest creation (the Sergio) in a very unorthodox manner. They’re only producing 6 supercars, made in collaboration with Italian design firm Pininfarina, and in order to purchase one you’ll need one of 6 VIP invitations from Ferrari, all of which are already spoken for. FML, right?

via CNN Money:

The Ferrari Sergio, produced in partnership with Italian design firm Pininfarina, is a car that’s so limited and unique you have to be invited by Ferrari to buy it. The automaker is creating only six Sergios and they’re estimated to cost millions each.

Ferrari told CNNMoney it pre-sold all six vehicles to deep-pocketed die-hard Ferrari fans in the U.S., Europe and Asia. If you haven’t received a call from Ferrari yet, you’re out of luck.

The automaker also offers a “one-off” program where rich car collectors can buy a completely original car that they help design themselves. Each car costs millions.

“It’s as far removed from mass production as you can get,” said a Ferrari spokesperson.
Ferrari has only created about a dozen of these bespoke cars since the “one-off” program launched a few years ago, but it said the program is gaining traction, which could be helping the company’s bottom line.

Clients who signed on to buy the new Sergios have made their commitment before the road-ready car design has even been finalized. Ferrari engineers still haven’t figured out how to craft a vehicle that is based on a whimsical concept car that was designed without a windshield and side mirrors.

The supercar is expected to make it into the hands of buyers sometime next year. For now, just know that this car is both hideous, yet fucking incredible. Furthermore, there exists a bespoke service to design and craft your OWN CUSTOM FERRARI because FUCK YOU MONEY, that’s why.


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