Vin Diesel dominates first 3 clips from ‘Riddick’

It’s just over a week until Riddick hits theaters, but we have the first three clips released for those of you who just can’t wait. Their titles, “Ambush,” “Kill Everyone,” and “Execution,” should tell you everything you need to know. Each of these should look familiar too as parts of them were in the full red band trailer.

Who knew Riddick had such a soft spot for alien puppies? Too bad they don’t stay that cute forever. Vin Diesel shared on VinBook what that adorable little pup grows up to become.


Riddick just wants a little lap dance, is that so much to ask? Unfortunately he forgot to bring his singles so he’s just going to have to make it rain bad guys.

When Vin Diesel says you die in the first five seconds, that’s exactly what you do. Thankfully one of the trailers shows exactly how this guy went face to face with his own machete.