Spreading These 13 Misconceptions About Global Warming Is Making You Sound Moronic



If you still believe that climate change is a myth then this video really is not for you. But if you’re willing to accept some damn facts, and educate yourself so you don’t spew misinformation, then by all means hit play.

Contrary to conventional wisdom, the Internet, the largest source of knowledge the world has ever known, is actually detrimental when it comes to discussions on climate change. So much misinformation about global warming is spread every nanosecond. Now I’m not saying you aren’t an intelligent person, I’m just saying that over the years (myself included) maybe you fell victim to a flawed study, or straight up lies. But to get you on the right track in understanding what the hell is going on with climate change (and global warming) the science vlog Veritasium put together this video to debunk all the commonly held misconceptions about climate change and global warming. Now stop reading this babbling and go educate yo self!

Feel smarter? Ready to go spread actual science whenever your friends spew bullsh*t in your direction? Do it. Do it.

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